Versatile Productions Inc.
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Harvey Dobbs, Founder
Harvey first learned to Ballroom dance for his wedding reception, and has loved it ever since. Over the past 18 years, he has studied and mastered all the major dance styles, including Chop, GrAystone, Chicago Step, Bop, Latin Hustle, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, West Coast Swing, and Tango. His passion for dance has led him to compete in dance contests all over the Midwest and East Coast. He and his partners have taken top honors several times. Harvey has also performed his dance artistry in various plays, music videos, and movies, including ‘Diva2Diva’ (2011); ‘City-Style Tango Showcase’ (2010 & 2011); ‘K’Jon’ Live & In Concert (2010); and ‘Splendor of the East’ (2009), to name a few. He also teaches all types of dance, and says that his passion for dance is only exceeded by, “My love for my daughters, and my love for the Lord!” Harvey is a founding member of the VP dance team.
Brandon Grainer, Jo Jo/BJ
Brandon's journey as a Ballroom dancer started 17 years ago, just before he enlisted in the military service. Initially attracted to dance as a way to relieve stress, Brandon found himself hypnotized by the feel and the smoothness of Ballroom dancing. While he has studied with some of the top dancers in the metro-Detroit, including Smooth as Silk, Detroit Dan, and Kevin Collins, his dance moves are based on his own unique style. Brandon is a veteran member of VP, and is also the Spin Doctor on the 1’s & 2’s. He loves teaching as much as he loves dancing, and he especially enjoys watching his students’ progress and become performers themselves. He is also a loving husband and father.
​Vision Statement
To give back and uplift our community by providing different avenues within which to entertain, and create a peaceful, healthy environment through the art of urban dance in the Metro Detroit Area.
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VP envisions individuals growing healthier and happier through quality instruction in the art of ballroom and step-style dancing.
Kiamani Davis/Kemo, Founder
Kiamani has always loved performing, and decided to learn Ballroom dancing 16 years ago. He quickly fell in love with it, and has danced competitively from the Midwest to the East Coast. Before joining VP, Kiamani helped him former team, 313-in-Motion, sweep the Tri-State dance competition in Baltimore and Virginia, taking first place 2 years in a row! Besides dancing competitively, he has also performed alongside VP members in plays, music videos, and movies shot locally in Detroit. He’s the actor/comedian of the team, and loves to keep people laughing and having fun.
​Mission Statement
Versatile Productions is committed to preserving the rich heritage of the urban dance community through the provision of quality dance instruction, dance education, dance competitions and other activities for dancers of all ages.